Trapper's Creek Outdoors
Trapper’s Creek, with its abundant wildlife and natural streams was one of the first places homesteaded in this area. Here the creek, river, grassland and wooded areas melt together creating an ideal habitat for deer, pheasants, geese, ducks, wild turkeys, coyotes and other wildlife, making Trapper's Creek not only beautiful, but a true paradise for hunters.

 Happy Trapper's Creek Hunters
Reservations required for
these 3-man pits.
Goose Blinds
If you are a waterfowl hunter, there is an abundance of wild ducks and geese in our area. Three heated goose pits and one duck blind are available.

  Trapper's Creek Hunters after a great hunt.
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 Hunting Dog spots a pheasant.

Pheasants and quail are plentiful at Trapper's Creek.
 Trapper's Creek Outdoors deer hunter........  Trapper's Creek Outdoors pheasant

Deer and other wildlife frequent the natural habitat along the river and find forage in the fields.

Member: North American Gamebird Association.

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